Amateur Radio Station
Amateur Radio Station

Dummy Load

I wanted a simple dry dummy load for testing and to tinker that's capable to take a decent amount of power from the transmitter. This was a quick little evening project once I picked out and received the parts.


Total cost was about $47 dollars for two dummy load. I only build one so far. The heatsink is the most expensive part by far.


The construction was quite easy. I opted to share a screw with the resistor and coax connector for simplicity and ease of ground connection.

top view of dummy load bottom view of dummy load


The SWR of the dummy load is perfect for HF and quite good for higher frequencies.

SWR plot:
swr chart

Impedance plot:
swr chart

AntScope file: dummy-load.antdata
AntScope2 file: dummy-load.asd
(AntScope can be downloaded at the RigExpert website for free.)

So far I have used the dummy load with a Boafeng on 2m and 70cm using 5W and Icom 7300 at 30% power using SSB on 20m band. I haven't noticed any increased temperature of the resistor.

Potential enhancement: