Amateur Radio Station
Amateur Radio Station


I upload logs to LOTW.
(logs may take 24h to be uploaded)

Let me know if you want an QSL card, as I don't mail them by default. I primarely send/receive cards direct however I am participating with the following bureaus:

Direct QSL Address:
		Claus Niesen
		PO Box 126
		Ames, IA 50010

My QSL Cards:

Special card for my first DX contact. My daughter is pointing out the 20m dipole antenna she build with me. That evening I talked (phone) to E51DLD from Cook Islands with it. Pretty awesome.

For my initial callsign KE0LMQ I asked my daughter to draw a picture for my QSL card. I guess she was a bit inspired by the first one. *smile*
Sent to: W2FN, N8VZ

I waited way to long to get the perfect design and finally just got this batch of cards made. Again, going with the theme of dipoles and the neverending desire to get a better antenna. Sent to: KM4IAJ, KB7AK, N1AB, KK4KSN, N4ACE, K8EG, K9EA, ZS6TVB N0DQS, NN2E, K9FZ, WO9I, AA8HS, N0DQS, AA1NA, AA9ZB, AC2MT, AG5T, K2SFS, K4JEL, K7TOP, K8ROY, KB0EL, KC0MS, KC0PLZ, KD4GUB, KF5GTX, KJ4ZPM, KK5XX, KN4EUK, KR9G, KY1KY, N0PUI, N2BFD, N2IGW, N3ZB, N4MMR, N7SJM, W1DRD, W1SMC, W4RTT, W5IL, W6PNY, W9WWG, WA0FIK, WA9DIY, WO4H, WU2M, WU2T, WV8M, KZ5V, N8HHG, AA0HF, AA0ZP, AE7V, K6VOR, KB8UEY, KG4DJD, KG4ZOD, KG8WL, KN4KYZ, N5KB, W1IA, W2RCH, W5MKC, W8DDS, WA4NID, WB8SDA, WB9TQW, WF4ROG, WB2LZM, WA0ROH 6Y5IC, K9GWS, KB4IAN, KD8QDL, NZ7P, WT4X

Once more I asked my daughter to design me a QSL card. She likes dragons. Again, it's a limited batch of 100 cards. Listing all send/received callsigns is a lot of work and I stopped doing that. This is my current QSL card that I send out.
Special QSL Cards:
For 3905 Century Club Net and OMISS QSLs I use my NetLogger Elf program to print the QSL cards straight from the NetLogger export and import the QSOs into Log4OM, my primary logging program. With the high volume of card exchanges generated through these nets, this keeps my workflow more optimized and ensures that I can send the cards in a timely manner.

CB Radio:

In the 80's as a kid I did some CB operating and we sent each others SQL cards as well. This is my very first one.